• Boeing X-45 (Honeywell/ITEC F124 Turbofan)
  • RQ-7 Shadow 200
  • Global Hawk RQ-4B
  • BACN EQ-4
  • Triton MQ-4C
  • Fire Scout MQ-8B
  • Falco
  • Viking 400
  • Shadow M2
  • Bluefin 9
  • Bluefin 12
  • Bluefin 21
  • Alister 100
  • Alister 200
  • Iver 2
  • Iver 3
  • Remus 100
  • Remus 600
  • Remus 6000

Unmanned Systems

Strength of Expertise

Kearfott has the breadth and depth to develop differentiated technology for manned and unmanned equipment. For unmanned systems, including air, ground, maritime and space vehicles, Kearfott offers precision products that exceed application requirements. Our Airborne INS/GPS gives the best performance in its class and is used on mission critical UAVs including the Hermes 450 and Global Hawk. Our motion control products are in use for various applications on platforms such as the Boeing X-45 and RQ-7 Shadow 200. The United States Navy and Army utilize one of our High Performance INS/GPS units as the sole navigator for their advanced Fire Scout Vertical Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

Products available include:


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