Dismounted Soldier Systems

The individual soldier is the most important and most complex system in combat. The Kearfott suite of Dismounted Soldier Systems includes the Micro Tactical Computer, Goniometer and Hand Held Displays. These systems give soldiers a tactical advantage through on-demand access to C4I information as well as long-range target and position accuracy.

Hand Held Display
Target Acquisition Tactical Unit
Micro Tactical Computer
Micro Target Acquisition Tactical Unit
Scout Software
Forward Observer System

Datasheet: Goniometer


The Kearfott Precision Goniometer is an angular measurement device that enables accurate determination of azimuth and elevation to a target or reference point.

  • Compact, lightweight, ruggedized device
  • Boresighted adapter plates
  • Interfaces with various north finding and self-location devices
  • Cost-effective solution wherever precision is required
  • Operational versatility means it can be used in numerous scenarios: forward observer, artillery fire coordination, close air support coordination, border surveillance and target intelligence

Hand Held Display (HDD)

The Hand Held Display (HHD) gives the dismounted soldier a tactical advantage by providing on-demand access to C4I information in all battlefield environments.

  • Full-color display with no stray light emission
  • Integrable into Kearfott’s dismounted soldier suite of products
  • Convenient and can be used with one hand
  • On-demand C4I information access provides a tactical advantage
  • Ideal for tactical field commanders, special forces, and forward observers

Datasheet: Hand-Held Display

Micro Target Acquisition Tactical Unit (μTATU)

The μTATU is an innovative, situational-awareness display module that can be used either as a standalone C4I display solution or as an add-on to a handheld Laser RangeFinder device, creating an enhanced miniature Target Acquisition System.

  • Able to be used as a standalone or add-on
  • Ideal for dismounted infantry and forward observers
  • Conveniently integrates GEO location, tactical intelligence and fire support into C4I systems

Target Acquisition Tactical Unit (TATU)

The Target Acquisition Tactical Unit (TATU) is an innovative display module that enables quick access to C4I information while identifying and marking targets.

  • Enables quick access to C4I information
  • Uses serial communication port (RS-232/422) to connect to a laser rangefinder
  • Seamlessly integrates targeting and C4I information
  • Ideal for infantry and forward observers
  • Conveniently integrates GEO location, tactical intelligence and fire support into C41 systems

Micro Tactical Computer (MTC)

The Micro Tactical Computer (MTC) is a rugged, handheld computer that’s ideal for dismounted infantry commanders and soldiers.

  • Provides access to C4I capabilities
  • Comes with embedded GPS
  • Suitable for a wide spectrum of operational scenarios
  • Compact size
  • Touch screen interface
  • Integrates with any C4I software, including Kearfott’s Scout Software, for added value
  • Small size makes it easy to carry in a soldier’s combat gear
  • Versatile and can be used for dismounted, mounted, amphibious and airborne operations
  • Easily integrates with numerous display systems, sensors and modules for additional functionality

Scout Software

Scout is a C4I, target-acquisition, force-allocation orientation software package for mounted and dismounted forces.

  • Touch screen or mouse/keyboard controller options
  • Additional display languages and sensor interfaces available
  • Increase situation awareness through location or friendly and enemy forces
  • Ideal for mission commanders
  • Enhances ability to conduct mission planning, Operation Order (OPORD) briefings and rehearsals, battle management, Fragmentary orders (FRAG) and After Action Reviews (AAR)

Datasheet: Scout Software

Forward Observer System

The Forward Observer System (FOS) is comprised of a Target Acquisition System coupled with a day and night observation system (VECTOR 21 Nite* or equivalent) and a Celestial Attitude Determination System (CADS) combined with camera and special software for precise azimuth. The FOS software enables on-line presentation of the battlefield situation layered on the digital map.

  • Enables real-time display of position and target locations
  • Supports C4I networked data
  • Designed for use in extremely harsh environments
  • Provides increased situational awareness
  • Significantly shortens the Sensor-to-Shooter cycles
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