Motion Technologies

Kearfott has a rich history in the design and manufacturing of cutting edge motion control products. We provide motors, actuators, and sensors for use in a variety of aerospace and defense market applications including:

  • Fixed wing and rotorcraft utility and flight control
  • Weapons systems flight control (CAS and TVC)
  • Launch vehicle flight control
  • Space and satellite applications
  • Ground vehicle stabilization systems
  • Propulsion system fuel control

By capitalizing on proven technology, Kearfott provides innovative solutions to the most challenging aerospace and defense motion control applications.


Kearfott designs and manufactures rugged, application specific actuation systems for the aerospace and defense market. Using proven motion control components and modules, Kearfott has the expertise to develop and produce fully-integrated actuation systems that meet the most aggressive packaging and environmental conditions.


Kearfott is the aerospace and defense industry leader for designing and manufacturing electric motors. By partnering with the leading sources of permanent magnets and electrical steels coupled with proven construction techniques, Kearfott achieves the highest available power density and the lowest weight at the system level. Depending on the application specific requirements, Kearfott permanent magnet motors are constructed using either Samarium Cobalt or Neodymium Iron Boron. High temperature insulation systems and tightly controlled assembly processes maximize the magnetic and thermal performance.