Inertial Technologies

Kearfott’s guidance and navigation solutions provide positioning and direction information for spacecraft, aircraft, UAV’s, missiles, ships, land vehicles and underwater vehicles. From the inertial guidance on the extra-solar-system Voyager I spacecraft to guiding the search for objects on the ocean floor, Kearfott’s products provide the performance and the reliability needed to ensure mission success. Our inertial product portfolio of Monolithic Ring Laser Gyro (MRLG), Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG), and Precision Accelerometers provides the core building blocks for our family of Space, Air, Land and Sea product families.

Monolithic Ring Laser Gyro

Kearfott’s family of Monolithic Ring Laser Gyros provides the best performance versus SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) available today. From the nav grade T-24 to our high tactical grade T-10, our gyros pack more performance per cubic inch than any competing gyro technology.


Kearfott’s MOD VIIA Accelerometer is a miniature force rebalanced, pendulous Accelerometer providing available performance ranges from tactical to navigation grade.

Fiber Optic Gyro

Through our fifty percent ownership of Al Cielo Inertial Solutions Ltd., Kearfott is able to offer closed loop fiber optic gyros (FOGs) for use in a multitude of applications. FOGs deliver fully-compensated angular rates or angular increments over a serial or analog interface, while providing very long system life and low acoustic noise.