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Kearfott Corporation, a 100% American owned company, was founded in 1918 as a State of New Jersey Corporation and was registered as a Delaware Corporation on December 22, 1987. Kearfott’s primary business is the development and manufacture of guidance, navigation, and motion control components and systems for military and commercial applications.

Kearfott Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Astronautics Corporation of America registered in the State of Wisconsin on May 21, 1959. Astronautics is also a 100% American owned company.

Kearfott solutions are found throughout the universe. They guide and navigate spacecraft and are thrust into outer space on strategic missiles. On planet earth, Kearfott products deeply penetrate the sea, functioning on submarines, ships and manned and unmanned watercraft. Land-based Kearfott products operate in hostile environments, on tracked vehicles and in deserts on Jeeps. Airborne Kearfott products can be found on tactical missiles, as well as manned and unmanned rotorcraft and aircraft.

Kearfott’s operations occupy 1 million square feet in buildings and plants, which it owns and where its personnel have produced over 100,000 inertial systems, and over 4 million precision components. In its New Jersey operations, Kearfott products include a complete line of sophisticated gimbaled and strapdown guidance and navigation systems using both ring laser and tuned rotor gyroscopes, test equipment, and inertial sensors. In its North Carolina and Mexico operations, Kearfott designs and manufactures sophisticated precision rotary components, actuators, sensors, and electronics.

Beyond its famed expertise in designing, developing, and producing inertial guidance and navigation systems, Kearfott is respected worldwide as a “full service” company. Complex systems, system integration, precision components, testing, logistics, and maintenance are within the realm of Kearfott’s activities. The breadth of Kearfott’s engineering talents has enabled it to provide practical and innovative solutions to address and fulfill the requirements of the most demanding and sophisticated customers.

On land and sea, in air and space, Kearfott and its dedicated employees have earned the reputation as leaders in the production of high precision and tactical systems, components, and devices for guidance, navigation, and control applications.

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