Kearfott resolvers are absolute position sensors used in servo applications as a commutation sensor or for output shaft sensing. Since resolvers are transformer-based devices, no onboard electronics are used to provide position feedback, therefore allowing high reliability. Kearfott resolvers provide excellent environmental resistance, high reliability, absolute value position detection, compact assembly and can operate within a wide temperature range.

Proven Technologies

  • Brushless PM DC
  • Induction
  • Synchonous and Stepper
  • Single and multi-speed resolvers
  • RVDT and LVDT
  • Power stage
  • Loop closure
  • Advance control algorithms
  • Serial, ARINC, CAN
  • Anti-Backlash
  • Spur Power train
  • Differential and Planetary
  • Epicyclic / power hinge
Geared Resolvers

Datasheet: Resolvers


Kearfott’s Geared Resolvers include assemblies that extend their absolute position measurement range. These sensors can be used for output shaft sensing where multi-turn absolute feedback is required. Combining single-speed with multi-speed elements achieves the unit’s accuracy throughout the stroke. Kearfott compact geared resolvers provide low cost, high-performance actuation systems that fit tight application envelopes. Their innovative, integrated design reduces size, weight and cost while maintaining performance.

  • Spur or planetary gear arrangements available
  • All gearing is standard anti-backlash
  • Precision in-house gear manufacturing to AGMA standards for extended strokes
  • Small envelope
  • All elements vertically integrated to maintain small size
  • Designed with low power requirements
  • High reliability

Direct Drive

Kearfott sells several types of high-quality, Direct Drive resolvers. These sensors provide increased reliability, accuracy, temperature range and environmental stability.

  • Speeds available: 1x / 2x / 4x / 8x / 16x
  • Diameters range from 0.750” to in excess of 12.000”
  • Accuracy classes from 10 arc-mins (0.17 deg) to 10 arc-secs (0.003 deg)
  • Designed with low power requirements
  • High reliability

Datasheet: Resolvers

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