Indirect Fire Systems

Kearfott provides a total system offering for Indirect Fire Upgrades.

The Automated Tactical Artillery Control System (ATACS) offers simplified installation while providing high accuracy navigation and aiming. ATACS seamlessly integrates with GPS, VMS, Power Control, LandNav Unit, and Control Display. The ATACS system offers a complete indirect fire control solution for towed or self-propelled howitzers.

Automated Tactical Artillery Control System

Proven Technologies

  • Monolithic design
  • Compact size
  • High accuracy
  • Excellent reliability
  • High accuracy
  • Long life/ Low noise
  • Lower power consumption
  • Closed loop design
  • High accuracy
  • Compact size
  • Force rebalance design
  • Excellent reliability
  • Superior reliability
  • Embedded GPS INS
  • Sensor fusion algorithm
  • CMMI3 software process

Datasheet: ATACS


The Automated Tactical Artillery Control System (ATACS) is a proven Indirect Navigation and Fire Control System in use on artillery worldwide. The heart of the ATACS is the Land Navigation (LandNav) System. The LandNav System is comprised of the Kearfott Monolithic Ring Laser Gyro (MRLG) with selectable accuracy levels, and three MOD VIIA pendulous accelerometers for accurate heading, attitude, velocity and position. System options include an embedded vehicle motion sensor or external GPS module for enhanced, accurate navigation and alignment in the field at turn-on.

  • The LandNav System offers a mature sensor solution while providing a modular architecture, allowing maximum flexibility for platform and application requirements. The LandNav Inertial Unit contains a Monolithic Ring Laser Gyro (MRLG) and MOD VIIA pendulous accelerometers enabling the LandNav to provide accurate heading, attitude, velocity and position information required for navigation. The LandNav Inertial Unit has the capability to integrate a Global Positioning System (GPS) Receiver (embedded or external) and a Vehicle Motion Sensor (VMS) to provide additional aiding during operational scenarios. Modular design allows the LandNav to be offered at scalable accuracies while maintaining the interface and mounting footprint.
  • The Control and Display Unit (CDU) features a 12.1-inch color LCD with language options, soft keys and display selection. User selectable displays during firing operations include: barrel position and orientation, and vehicle position, plus heading while navigating. The Battery Ballistic Computer within the CDU performs ballistic calculations for up to six individual guns in the battery. The computer manages and supports a wide range of information, including gun state, fire orders, targets, observer corrections, and alerts.
  • With its self-contained Lithium-ion battery, the Power Pack supports eight hours of continuous operation, rapid recharging and indefinite use when connected to an external source.
  • The ATACS provides automated fire support in a complete indirect fire control solution with a modular, lightweight design, highly accurate navigation, pointing capabilities, and proven fire control computing.
  • The Power Control Unit (PCU) accepts 24 VDC from the vehicle main power and then regulates and distributes power to the LandNav Unit, the CDU, the Gunners Display Unit (GDU), and the Drivers Display Unit (DDU).
  • Gunners Display Unit (GDU)/Drivers Display Unit (DDU) possess identical hardware configurations but provide mission specific information based upon the corresponding software. Both are a small high-resolution, segmented Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) based on a 5 X 4 inch screen. The GDU provides information to the gunner to allow accurate pointing of the gun via a graphic and numeric display. The DDU assists the driver in orienting the howitzer to the required Center of Arc (COA) when at the firing position.
  • The Vehicle Motion Sensor (VMS) provides a measure of vehicle forward/reverse pulses and converts those pulses into a distance traveled per time interval. This acts as a velocity measurement that is sent to the LandNav unit to further aid the inertial solution.
  • Proven LandNav Inertial Navigation System
  • Integrates with multiple Kearfott motion sensors
  • Large 12.1-inch color display for user interface
  • Provides ballistic information and support for up to six guns
  • Accelerated Fire Support – 20 minutes faster than non-automated systems for first round on target
  • Improved force effectiveness with automated and accurate aiming
  • Accurate position and waypoint navigation for mission scenarios
  • Simplified installation
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