Utility Actuation

Kearfott’s extensive electromechanical component heritage, innovative engineering, and state of the art manufacturing is brought together to deliver cost effective and reliable rotary and linear utility actuation solutions. In house control of our component technology enables the design flexibility to provide industry leading performance to weight ratios. Typical utility actuation examples include door actuators, valve actuators, and latch/lock actuators.


Proven Technologies

  • Brushless PM DC
  • Induction
  • Synchronous and Stepper
  • Single and multi-speed resolvers
  • RVDT and LVDT
  • Power stage
  • Loop closure
  • Advanced control algorithms
  • Serial, ARINC, CAN
  • Anti-Backlash
  • Spur Power train
  • Differential and Planetary
  • Epicyclic / power hinge

Datasheet: Utility Actuation


Kearfott integrates standard, proven, modules to develop linear utility actuators with several options to accommodate the application needs.

  • Stroke length (25 + IN)
  • Ballscrew/Acme Screw
  • Load holding options: E/M brake and No-back
  • Feedback options include resolver, LVDT/RVDT, custom encoder options
  • Flexible electrical interface
  • Electrical end of stroke indication
  • Mechanical stops
  • Overload clutches
  • Fail-safe architecture
  • High bandwidth operation
  • High efficiency
  • Reliable, maintenance-free operations
  • Extreme thermal, vibration, and shock environment


Kearfott integrates standard, proven modules to develop rotary utility actuators with several options to accommodate the application needs.

  • High power density BLDC and other motor options
  • Multiple position feedback options including RVDT and resolver
  • Multiple communication interface options
  • Environmentally sealed
  • High bandwidth operation
  • Easy integration with control linkages
  • Multiple redundancy options
  • Reliable, maintenance-free operation
  • Extreme thermal, vibration, and shock environment

Datasheet: Utility Actuation

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