Vehicle Motion

Kearfott vehicle motion sensors convert wheel rotation into digital or analog signals that are used to provide vehicle velocity to control systems and displays.

Proven Technologies

  • Brushless PM DC
  • Induction
  • Synchronous and Stepper
  • Single and multi-speed resolvers
  • RVDT and LVDT
  • Power stage
  • Loop closure
  • Advanced control algorithms
  • Serial, ARINC, CAN
  • Anti-Backlash
  • Spur Power train
  • Differential and Planetary
  • Epicyclic / power hinge
  • Ruggedized housed module
  • Radiation Hardened
  • Digital RS-422 interface
  • Full suite of Built-In-Test (BIT) functions
  • Compatible with wide range of vehicles: tracked, wheeled, or towed
  • Compact design: 24 cubic inches
  • High reliability: >20,000 hr MTBF
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