Kearfott electronics are designed to perform a range of position sensing and motion control functions in the harshest environments where performance and reliability matter most.

Our Data Converters offload sensor demodulation and compensation into compact devices available as circuit board modules or stand-alone housed devices. Kearfott specializes in miniature electronics packaging while including all the horsepower of a processor-based digital controller. Our Motor Drives have a fast and accurate response time with a variety of communication interface options. Kearfott capitalizes on its micro-packaging capability to provide multi-axis controllers for a range of aerospace and defense applications, manned and unmanned, civil/commercial and military.

Our proven technology includes the inner motor control algorithms and interfaces to onboard sensors with innovative solutions for compact envelopes and ruggedness for extreme environments.

Data Converters
Motion Controllers
Motor Drives

Proven Technologies

  • Brushless PM DC
  • Induction
  • Synchronous and Stepper
  • Single and multi-speed resolvers
  • RVDT and LVDT
  • Power stage
  • Loop closure
  • Advanced control algorithms
  • Serial, ARINC, CAN
  • Anti-Backlash
  • Spur Power train
  • Differential and Planetary
  • Epicyclic / power hinge

Data Converters

Kearfott provides sensor demodulation and compensation functions. Our Converters are calibrated and tuned at the factory with either analog interfaces (0-5V, +/-5V, +/-10V, 4-20mA) or digital options (CAN, RS-422/485, ARINC, SSI). Combinations of interfaces are available for use into multiple subsystems.

  • Low-power
  • Stand-alone housed versions or modules
  • Multiple position sensor interfaces
  • Internal health monitoring and logging for long-term data storage
  • Analog and digital faces available
  • Kearfott supplies the measurement system for sensors and offsets risk to schedule
  • Eliminates needs for complex onboard compensation techniques
  • Compact envelope design
  • Environmentally sealed housing

Motor Drives

Designed for extreme environments, these motor drives are manufactured and tested for -57 °C to +85 °C temperatures and the suite of DO-160 environmental tests. We offer a range of motion performance classes and architectures to meet your application needs. For cost sensitive applications, we offer analog/discrete logic BLDC motor controls. For high servo performance applications, we can offer sinusoidally commutated DSP-based motion controls with a slew of interface options (RS-422/485, CAN, SSI, ARINC, and shared memory architectures).

  • Digital and analog interface options
  • Scheduler / kernal used for critical event timing and synchronization
  • Built-in test converage
  • Kearfott’s full actuation system expertise
  • Range of interfaces provides drop-in replacements
  • Tailored approach to specific applications

Multi-Axis Controllers

Many applications require coordinated motion amongst multiple axes. The internal interfaces of our motion drives allow Kearfott to provide multi-axis motion in a small envelope. Our hardware and software synchronization techniques are utilized for systems requiring multiple actuators per load, tightly-toleranced channel-channel accuracy, and/or redundancy for safety-critical applications.

  • Synchronization latency between axes less than 1ms
  • Inter-channel communication for redundancy and health monitoring
  • Master-slave configuration for torque / force summing applications
  • Common LRU with user-selectable (hardware or software) node ID
  • One part number can be supplied for all axes using configurable node ID
  • Meets application requirements for availability in safety critical applications
  • Offload axis coordination and state machines to motion controllers
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